2022 08/21500$Fine, Ben FM, Wrong Worshippers, SundreRichmond Music HallRichmond, VA
2019 11/30Fun Size, Broken Chains of Segregation, Uphill Down, Knuckle Hed, 500$Fine, PhelicsRichmond Music HallRichmond, VA
1998 1/31500$Fine, T.F.A., Hate-O-Four, Time For Regret, The Unity Project, Lewistown, LycosaSt Edward SchoolRichmond, VA
1997 3/31Code 13, James River Scratch, 500$Fine, RaspTwistersRichmond, VA
1997 1/18500$Fine, Unity Project, Target For Aggression, Indypendant, Vile, Rukus, Duration, Schmegma, Armwood, Thred, Left in RuinsSt Edwards SchoolRichmond, VA
1996 10/06Active Minds, Infect, 500$Fine, RukusBiographRichmond, VA
1996 9/??Fun Size, 500$fine, Hot Water Music, SwankFloodzoneRichmond, VA
1996 6/1Pre-Skool, Top Heavy, Phelics, Knuckle Hed, The Nuns, 500$FineTwistersRichmond, VA
1996 5/03500$Fin, Nova Express, Nostalgic Manor, Target For Aggrssion, Copper SailsSt Edward SchoolRichmond, VA
1996 4/07Pink Lincolns, Cloud 13, 500$Fine, IndypendantTwistersRichmond, VA
1996 3/01The Creeps, Phelics, Uphill Down, 500$Fine, NeurotiksTwistersRichmond, VA
1996 1/18Code 13, Wardance Orange, 500$Fine, Bastard SquadTwistersRichmond, VA
1995 11/17500$Fine, Top Heavy, The Bastard Squad, Warheads, Shotgun Willies, SchamealGrace St CinemaRichmond, VA
1995 10/06Herm, Divide & Conquer, 500$Fine(House Show)Richmond, VA
1995 9/15Cloud 13, 500$Fine, Lucky Stiffs, Mr. PinkTwistersRichmond, VA
1995 8/31Pre-Skool, 500$Fine, Tsuregu, Ebola '95TwistersRichmond, VA
1995 8/25The Adbukted, 500$Fine, ES, HumanError(House Show)Charlottesville, VA
1995 7/27Indypendant, Broken Chains of Segregation, 500$Fine, Forthright, DC Band (unnamed), Copper SailsSt Edward SchoolRichmond, VA
1995 7/21Cloud 13, Pre-Skool, Algebra 1, 500$FineFloodzoneRichmond, VA
1995 3/18Cloud 13, Fun Size, Swank, 500$FineTwistersRichmond, VA
1995 2/25Whirlybird, Knuckle Hed, Golden Llamas (500$Fine), EcoliTwistersRichmond, VA
1995 ?/??Cloud 13, Pre-skool, Golden Llamas (500$Fine)TwistersRichmond, VA

If you have a flier for a show not listed here, def get in touch!