New ‘Yer Wolfbro…’ T-Shirts Available Now!

We’ve added some new t-shirts to our bandcamp, featuring a design from the new 7″…

In case the meaning is lost, its a reference, as is the song we released of the same title, to the fuxxory that occurred on Jan 6th 2021, and the position we find ourselves in as a nation. Since we have to spell things out so clearly these days, we feel that attempted coup was totally insane, and a marker and result of the complete fucking danger that a lack of basic education, basic political understanding, hyper-paranoia, and racist and LGBTQ scapegoating, that sadly, the right has capitalized on, at the expense of well, everything?

Grab one while you can! These are hand screened.

Our 7″ ‘S / T’ is Available Now!

A song about conspiracy bullshit, a song about coping with chronic issues, both mental and physical, a song about being old and still giving a fuck, and a song in support of BLM, from a RVA perspective. Also, Columbus sinking in the fucking lake on the cover. What’s not to love? Our first 7″.

The 7″ comes with the vinyl, and a fold-out poster / lyric sheet.

Available now via our Bandcamp for purchase, as well as via all streaming services.